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Please note: Grid fixes or restorations are NOT guaranteed. The nature of survival games means that sometimes you WILL have to rebuild due to unexpected situations on occasion, including the potential for possibly needing to start over.

SkunkWorks servers communicate primarily via our Discord server (See below).

  • All server support is accomplished via the support channels
  • Users that submit multiple requests in short time frames (as determined by the Admin team) may be ineligible for restorations due to repeats of similar issues
  • Please note: Grid Restorations are on a case-by-case basis and might not be granted for expected conditions such as:
    • Accidental damage in PvP sectors (including accidental friendly-fire from turrets shooting at NPCs)
    • Grids crashing in gravity due to being un-powered (including when grids de-power due to being out of concealment/render range 15k km)
    • Self-inflicted CLANG related damage
    • Local user PC hangups, frame lag/stuttering, or connection issues not related to server performance
  • Submit support tickets by:
    • Go to the #support channel, and clicking the Envelope icon ()
    • A private chat with the Admin team will open at the top of the server list
    • Upon entering the chat, please let the Admin team know the following information:
  • The Reason for Your Ticket:
  • Sector Name:
  • Name of Grid(s) Affected
  • As well as any other information specific to the support request, such as the date, time, and cause of the issue at hand
  • *Please allow 12-24 hours for a response. Response times may be longer depending on holidays, vacations, or other factors outside our control.
  • More general support questions can be asked in the #space-engineers-support channel or in #general-chat
    • Any server related issues, or issues with plugins or installed mods should be reported in #bug-reports
  • Please refrain from messaging ANY member of staff directly with issues related to the server including things like bug reports, lost grids, or rule enforcement

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