SkunkWorks 5.0

1 World, 12 Servers. A Space Engineers experience.

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Welcome To SkunkWorks!

Skunkworks is a multi-box, multi-server map with each planet sectored out into different server instances. That allows players to seamlessly fly between the planet sectors and communicate with each other between instances, and discord!

SkunkWorks is a Survival PvE/PvP server. Each sector offering different challenges and npc encounters. For more information on the content of the server (mods, npcs, ect.) see Getting Started

SkunkWorks is currently comprised of 8 Torch-based Space Engineers Servers across 2 Machines hosted in a datacenter out of Vint Hill, VA - 2x Xeon E-2288G Processor Machines each with 64gb of RAM, clocked up to a 4.7GHZ speed.

SkunkWorks Servers

Skunkworks Servers Version 6.0

Server IP:
Modlist: HERE
Play-Style: Vanilla-Like with a focus on player engineered creativity

Server: Hardcore Server
Server IP:
Access: Accessed from Lobby → Hardcore Portal
ModList: HERE
Play-Style: Hardcore Survival focused on heavily Modified PvEvP

Full list of sector IPs is available Here

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