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Server Rules

Server Rules

Here at SkunkWorks we want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience. The Space Engineers Multiplayer environment is different from its single player gameplay. We must work together as a community to adhere to the following rules for the benefit of the server.

With that said do not try to skirt the rules or limitations. The spirit or intent of the rule is more important than reading the rule to the letter.

For building rules including block limits see Building Rules.
For PVP rules and guidlines see Rules of Engagement

Advertising - Other Servers

No advertising other servers on SkunkWorks in Discord or In-Game Chat
No bashing, badmouthing, or belittling other Space Engineers Servers

Community Rules

  1. Be respectful to all players and staff of the server. Staff are volunteers that donate their time. If you have a problem and need to report it, please see the Discord with instructions on how to submit a support ticket.
  2. Don't be an Asshole! (No racism, bigotry, harassment, religion, politics, etc)
  3. No NSFW content or advertising in discord or In-Game chat.
  4. Your Discord name must be EXACTLY the same as your In-Game name.
  5. All grids must be owned by an active player, and be renamed to not include the word grid or they will be deleted! (see full cleanup rules)
  6. Do not strain the server, either through heavy scripting or insane builds. If a staff member approaches you about one of your builds, cooperate or it will be deleted without compensation. (No Piston Drives, Clang Drives ect…)
  7. If you aren't active for 4 days, your grids will be automatically put into the Quantum Hangar. To retrieve hangar grids use !hangar list and !hangar load #. If you need any assistance please ask an admin.
  8. Do not disrespectfully attack management of the server. We reserve the right to disagree with your opinion, and will always try our best to do what is best for the community as a whole.
  9. Don't exploit mods and plugins on the game in order to “cheese” the game. If you find something that doesn't work the way it should it needs to be reported to a member of staff
  10. Make sure you have a base of some kind on the server. Don't troll and Greif players by simply flying around, attacking a base, then respawning. (more info in Rules of Engagement )
  11. No PvP activities in PvE sectors, under any circumstance. Any attempt to work around the PvE plugin may result in immediate measures upto and including grid/hangar deletion, and temporary or permanent bans
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