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Grid Cleanup

Server Cleanup

In an effort to keep the server bloat free and clean of useless grids we have advanced cleanup scripts installed on the server.
This is a fine line to eliminate bloat but keep what is useful to players.

To avoid your grid being accidently removed keep the following cleanup rules in mind:

  1. Grids must be named and not contain the words Small, Large, Static, or Grid in the name. (It is best to rename grids as soon as the first terminal accessible block is build, or as soon as it is disconnected from your base.)
    1. See FAQs for more information
  2. Respawn grids must be renamed
  3. Grids must be larger than 20 blocks
  4. Grids must be owned by an active player and not owned by Nobody
  5. Captured NPC grids must be renamed, if you are still in the process of grinding or capturing a Claim Marker block can be placed on the grid
  6. Grids must have a completed *Beacon* constructed on it. The beacon must be owned by a player, and does not need to be powered on

The server will send out frequent reminders.

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