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Player Commands

These are the commands that all players have access to. Check these commands before contacting an Admin to see if what you're trying to do is something that you can accomplish for yourself!

Note: For any player or grid name containing spaces, encase it DOUBLEQUOTES (Eg. Player Name should be “Player Name”)

General Commands

!rules - Brings up the Server Rules
!vote - Brings up
!reward - Rewards player for voting via !vote
!donate - pulls up
!fixship - Helps fix common issues with grids (large, small, or static)
!pcucount - Check the PCU count for the grid you're looking at, and all connected grids
!nexus lobby - Return to the Nexus Lobby station
!nexus getsectors true - Generates GPS points of all the sectors on the map
!togglestone - prevent a grid from collecting stone
!stone - deletes all stone in a grid's storage containers
/weather clear - removes the weather effects near the player Command broken by recent Keen update. Fix pending.
/g [message] - Switches in-game messaging to Global Chat
/f [message] - Switches in-game messaging to Faction Chat
/w [playername] [message] - Sends player a private message
!GPS get - Populates Important Server GPS locations to your client

Quantum Hangar Commands

!help hangar - Brings up Hangar Commands in game
!hangar save - Attempts to save grid you are looking at
!hangar load [Name or ID number] - Attempts to load specified grid
!hangar list - Lists all active ships and their pcu values that are in your hangar
!hangar info [Name or ID number] - Provides info about the grid in your hangar
!hangar sell [Name or ID number] [price no commas] [String Description]
!hangar removeoffer [Name or ID number] - Removes a ship form the market)

Blocklimiter Commands

!blocklimit mylimit - Shows current player's limit status
!blocklimit limits - Shows all current limits
!blocklimit update mylimit - Updates player's limit on the server. It has a 5min cool-down per player

Lag Monitor Commands

!lag profile - Shows you which of your grids and blocks are causing server lag

Crunch Utilities

!convert - Convert to / from station if player or faction owns the grid
!rename <gridname> <newname> - Renames a grid if the player or faction owns it
!stone - Delete all stone in the grid
!eco pay <faction/player> <name/tag> amount - pays player or faction amount in credits
!eco deposit - Deposits all space credits in grids containers if they are owned or shared
!eco withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount of space credits to grid storage if there is room.
!sellgrid amount - Send an offer to sell the grid to a player within 20m if the grid is owned.
!acceptgrid - accepts the grid if they can afford it, transfers ownership and transfers the moneys
!denygrid - denies the offer

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