SkunkWorks 4.0

1 World, 12 Servers. A Space Engineers experience.

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Connection Info

For best results, add the following IP addresses to your Steam Server list. Instructions can be found here

Main SkunkWorks Server:
Lobby Server IP:
Modlist: HERE
Play-Style: Vanilla-Like with carefully cultivated mods

Sector Direct Connect IPs:
Habitable Zone:
Earth PVE:
Mars PVE:
Galados V PVE:
Triton PVE:
Inner Core:
Outer Core:
PVP Planets:
PVP Moons:

SkunkWorks Themed Servers

The teleporters for the below special servers are located in the center of the lobby.

Server: Hardcore Server
Access: Accessed from Lobby → Hardcore Teleporter - Direct Connect
ModList: HERE
Play-Style: Hardcore Survival focused on heavily Modified PvEvP

Server: Creative Server
Access: Accessed from Lobby → Creative Teleporter - Direct Connect
Play-Style: A creative test bench for you to practice in an environment identical to the main server!

Other Hosted Servers

Server: Gargantua System
Access: Direct Connect
Play-Style: A special PvP Server hosted for Aryx\\

Server: Flotsam Front Season IV
Access: Direct Connect
Play-Style: Naval Combat! Planes, Boats, and Forts!

Non-Space Engineers Servers

Server: Project Zomboid
Access: IP
Access: PORT 16261
Play-Style: Zombies!\\

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