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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Q: Are SkunkWorks Servers PvP or PvE?
A: SkunkWorks is both PvE and PvP. We have separate PvE sectors that you can start in to get your bearing before venturing out into the deep unknown.

Q: What is a sector?
A: The SkunkWorks Space Engineers servers utilize the Nexus plugin in order to seamlessly stretch a single map across multiple servers. This allows us to have a much larger population on a single world experience with very smooth and lag-free experiences for everyone.

Q: How do I get onto the sectors?
A: Everyone starts in the Lobby Server (see Server Details for connection information) on the Lobby Station. From the station, you can enter different “pods” which are labeled with the various areas you can goto, including returning to your character already in the world. If you choose one of the spawn pods, you will start in a custom Rover or Spacepod (depending on your choice) to help you get started.

Q: Do I have to go back to the lobby to change sectors?
A: Nope! You can just fly across the sectors just like you would normally traverse a map! The planetary zones transition at 250km from the center of a given planet (so for example, 250km from the middle of Triton you will enter Interplanetary Space).

Q: Do the locations of the sectors change?
A: No, they are static, but new sectors may be added to enlarge the world. See the Server Map for more details.

Q: What is the advantage of the different sectors? Why shouldn't I just stay in PvE?
A: The primary advantage to moving out of PvE sectors are the limits, Earthlike and Takua sectors have a per-grid limit of 50k PCU and a per-player limit of 100k PCU. In addition, you get boosts to refining and assembling in the PvP sectors (including offline refining which is not available in PvE), with even greater boosts in Deep Space. Additionally, the tougher NPCs in Interplanetary and Deep Space provide more resources of higher quality if taken over correctly. PvE sectors also do not have the Easy NPC Takeover mod enabled.

Q: Are voxels (IE: Planets & Asteroids) reset? If so, when?
A: Yes. Voxels are reset manually on at least a monthly basis by the admin team.

Q: Does that mean I can't build underground?
A: You can build underground. Voxels will not reset within 5km of a Player-Owned Static grid.

Q:What is voting? What am I voting for?
A: Voting is accomplished in-game via the !vote command, which opens the website to the listing for SkunkWorks 2.0 Lobby ( You're voting for the server on a ranked list of popular Space Engineers servers to increase our visibility & draw in new players to improve & grow our community.

Q:What are the rewards from !reward and how often can I get them?
A: There are two parts to the rewards from !reward. The first part is $250,000 in credits, which is always awarded. The second part is random, and can include ingots (including Uranium and Platinum), ammunition, power packs, med packs, or ores (including STONE!). There is also a chance of no additional rewards. You get one reward per vote, and voting is limited to once-per-day (rollover at midnight Eastern US time).

Q: What is the Hangar?
A: The Quantum Hangar is a plugin mod on the server that allows players to “save” grids. When a grid is saved, it is no longer in the server, but is retained attached to their Steam ID. This has the benefit of ensuring that the grid is safe from harm & lessens the active load on the server.

Hangaring Notes

  1. There is a cost to hangar grids, however they are free to un-hangar
  2. When a grid is un-hangared, it appears in the exact same location that it was saved at
  3. If that location is occupied by another grid, it will appear close to that area
  4. If a grid was underground when it was hangared, and the voxels have been reset & filled in, it will need to be dug back out manually.
  5. You cannot hangar or un-hangar a grid if there is an enemy within 4,000 meters
  6. When a grid is un-hangared a yellow GPS marker will appear to let you know where it is
  7. Grids are automatically hangared if the grid owner is offline for 4 days
  8. When hangared, a grid is saved exactly as it was when saved. Nothing is processed, created, or used while hangared. It exists in stasis indefinitely

Top Grid Broadcasting Questions

Q: What is “Top Gridding”?
A: Top Gridding is a server tool to help promote PvP between large players & player factions, as well as helps encourage smaller builds to help server performance. It alerts the entire server to any grid over a certain size to it's location via a GPS Ping. It is also known in-game as a Wayfarer Scan

Q: What size grid can be pinged?
A: Any Large or Small grid (Including Stationary Grids/Stations) that is over 50,000 PCU or any grid that is 35,000 km from Earthlike Center (Deep-Space) in any combination of connected grids, docked grids, and/or subgrids. Active projections also add to the PCU count.

Q: What if I am offline?
A: If you are offline, your grids will not be marked, however if you have a faction member nearby it will get pinged.

Q: What if I am online but far away from my eligible grid(s)?
A: If you/all faction members are at least 15km AWAY from your grid it will not be pinged.

Q: If I get pinged, can I jump away?
A: No, all markers are dynamic and will follow the grid until the timer is up.

Q: How often are the pings?
A: Top Gridding will happen at least once an hour at somewhat random intervals. This is subject to change without warning depending on server situations and scenarios.

Q: Will I have a warning?
A: Yes, you will have a 5 minute warning before a scan happens.

Q: How long will I be tagged, if I get pinged?
A: Pings will last 15 minutes.

Q: What about my base on [XYZ Planet]?
A: It is a valid Topgrid target as well if it exceeds 50k PCU, or is 35,000 km from Earthlike Center, by itself or with any docked/connected grids attached, if there is a faction member online within 15km of it.

Q: What sectors can I be Top-Gridded in?
A: All sectors are eligible for being Top-Gridded.

Faction Offline Protection Questions

Q: What is the Faction Offline Protection on the servers?
A: The Faction Offline Protection is a safezone that automatically engages after all members of a faction are offline for 3 minutes. The safezone is 500 meters in diameter and centered around the largest static grid in the area.


The specific rules are below, but the offline protection (when engaged) will do the following:

  1. Create a safezone bubble centered around the largest grid in an area
  2. All faction and allied grids inside the bubble are protected & cannot be harmed
  3. The protected grids are still active when not in concealment, including their turrets. If you attempt to shoot at the grids inside the zone, the grid will be able to shoot back, but your bullets and missiles will do nothing. Theirs will. It is a waste of ammo

Offline Protection Rules

  1. The protection does not commense until 3 minutes after all faction members go offline (or 1 second after a server restart). This is to avoid combat logging-out
  2. The safe zone is centered around the largest static grid in concealment range, with a diameter of 500 meters
  3. The grid must be owned by a player who is in a faction
  4. All terminal blocks on the main grid must be owned by the same faction as the largest static grid, or by a faction that is allied or neutral
    1. If there are allied faction blocks, then all members of that allied faction must also be offline

Additional Questions

Q: What are the PCU limits?
A: The Earth/PvE sector has more restrictive limits to encourage growth and exploration. Earth's limits are: PER-GRID: 50,000 PCU and PER-PLAYER: 100,000 PCU. All of the other sectors in PvP space have a PER-GRID: 115,000 PCU limit with NO PER-PLAYER PCU limit.

A: That's not a question. Use the !grids list command to get a GPS point for all of your grids that are currently loaded onto the server. If you still can't find it, check your !hangar list to see if it was auto-hangared.

Q: What is the !fixship command?
A: Fixship helps reset the current state of the ship by having the server cut and paste it back into the server in the exact location it just was. This can help get loose items unstuck, fix some desynch issues, and help with other CLANG-y related problems. Always try to !fixship before anything else.

Q: When are the server restarts/reboots?
A: Server restarts are scheduled at 3am, 9am, 3pm, and 9pm (Eastern US time). Admins may also restart servers at any time as-needed to help maintain stability. The server is hard rebooted infrequently on an as-needed basis to install updates or deal with any other issues which may require a hard-box reboot.

Q: When does SkunkWorks wipe the servers?
A: Never! Well, not never - but thanks to the way the Nexus system is laid out, it is incredibly resilient and expandable to accommodate long-term growth and stability. That said, if the server save becomes corrupted, or if Keen or one of our dependent mods/plugins releases an update which breaks things substantially, or for some other reason it becomes untenable to continue the server save we may be forced to wipe.
This is always a last resort and we do not want to ever have to wipe, so please don't expect it at the slightest server hiccup.

Q: How do I work the Defense Shields?
A: Please refer to the Defense Shield guide found here.

Q: How do I keep my grid from being deleted during regular server cleanups and restarts?
A: Please refer to the Server Cleanup section for specifics. Short version: Rename your grids and build a beacon!

Q: Does the grid need a beacon or power?
A: Your grids will need a beacon, but the grid does not need to be powered. Refer to the guidelines detailed in the Server Cleanup section.

Q: How do I rename my grid?
A: From any control panel or interface on the grid itself (not via subgrids) you can rename the grid from the K Menu on the Info tab - in the lower right.
NOTE: There is a Keen bug that sometimes overwrites what you're naming, you may need to delete the default name and enter a blank space quickly before naming the grid. Blank names won't be saved either, so be sure to complete the renaming.

Q: Do all of my grids and subgrids need to be connected and/or named & beaconed?
A: All of your stand-alone grids do need to be named and have a beacon built on it, yes. Even if they are connected via Connectors or Landing Gear, they will need a non-default name and beacon. Subgrids connected by Rotors, Hinges, Wheels, and Pistons do not however.

Q: What about Merge Block grids?
A: When grids are connected via Merge Block they don't (but double check that it didn't revert to a default name on merge). Once a Merge Block is separated, or once a built grid is separated, the smaller grid of the two will be given a default name and need to be renamed to avoid getting deleted during auto-cleanup.

Q: Where is the server based & what are the specs?
A: The two servers are based out of a data center in Virginia, USA. The specs are:
Intel Xeon E-2288G
64gb DDR4 RAM
1Gbps port
512 GB SSD NVMe Drive

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