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Frequently Asked Questions (The Sequel)

This section is under construction. Please be patient with us while it is being updated.

More, newer questions

Q: How do I know how many thrusters I need for a new ship I'm making?
A: Check out this video from the official youtube channel, as it answers this question:
How To Calculate Thrust for Your Ship

Q: How exactly does the PCU system work on SkunkWorks?
A: Skunk has a custom PCU system where only weapons and power producers cost PCU. For more information, see Personal Block Limits.

Q: How does MnM work on SkunkWorks? I noticed it's different from other servers.
A: On Skunk, the MnM projector does not need a container with building materials to be specified. Instead, it will draw from available materials in any container on its parent grid.
Also, the speed boost function uses Irradiated Uranium Ingots as opposed to the normal Zone Chips.

Q: How do the blocklimits work?
A: Blocklimits have 2 categories: Player, and Grid. These categories apply per sector, not across the whole server. DO NOT build production bases in multiple sectors just to get around this. Additionally, H2/O2 generators do not classify as either refinery or crafting. Instead, they work off of both limits, which means you can have 20 Refineries, 20 Assemblers, and no H2/O2 generators; Or you can have 40 H2/O2 generators and nothing else. For more info, see Personal Block Limits.

Q: What is render and sync range on the sever?
A: Currently both Render and Sync range is set to 25 Kilometers

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