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What is King of the Hill (KoTH)?

KoTH is an endgame activity intended to encourage PvP and prevent stagnation. It is important to not that KoTH does not follow ROE, as it is a “total war” zone. Server rules still apply. The activity consists of capturing a point for long enough to gain points to earn rewards.

KoTH Locations: (COMING SOON)

How to Score Points:

To score points, one must be seated on a grid which has more than 50 blocks, is powered, and both the player and the grid must be inside the KoTH zone's visible radius. Bringing along multiple faction members/neutral faction members will make the point capture faster.

How to gain Rewards:

After every 5 captures Go to the grid at the center of the KoTH zone, and look for the “KoTH Golden Cargo Container”. This is where your rewards will be spawned.


As of SkunkWorks 4.0, hard PvE encounters will contest you at KoTH if there are no enemy players there first. These encounters range from Reavers to Sudenticans. (very powerful aliens)

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