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Server Rules

Rules of Engagement

PVP Rules - Raiding and Attacking

Failure to comply by these rules can lead to resource / loot deletion, afflicted party grid restoration, and / or ban at staff discretion

  • If you do raid people you must have a base somewhere on the server which can, theoretically, be counter-raided
    • It is against the server rules to abuse the hangar system to hide loot/grids when you are offline
    • PvP activities are expressly forbidden in PvE sectors
      • Any attempt to evade, bypass, or work around the PvE plugin will be treated as an attempt to cheat
  • Attacking the same player and/or faction over and over again is considered griefing.
    • If you are planning a faction raid/attack you must coordinate the attack. Consecutive attacks in succession are not allowed.
    • Please allow at least 8 Days in between sequential raids to allow factions to relocate or rebuild (unless both factions agree to Total War)
  • “Cheese” Raiding tactics are not allowed. These ruin the experience for other players and yourself. Challenge yourself to purpose build crafts to raid with
    • Abusing the re-spawn system to continuously scout planets and moons to find players. This includes NPC spawns
    • Hand Drill tunneling to get around defenses
    • Personal antennae must be turned on if infiltrating or hydro manning a base. This does not apply if total war has been declared on that faction
  • Do not purposefully create lag machines to slow down the server or to gain an advantage in combat
  • Trash talk is to be expected. Keep it respectful and non-personal
  • Malicious Faction Actions are not allowed
    • Attacking a faction you are allied to without declaring war
    • Joining a faction to plant coordinates or to steal information
    • Broadcasting coordinates if you leave/are removed from a faction.
  • Declarations of surrender must be accepted
    • If you declare surrender it may NOT be withdrawn once accepted
    • Once surrender is accepted you may board and loot resources but must leave the grid intact

PVP Rules - Forbidden Exploits

  • Shield Layering is NOT allowed.
    • Keeping multiple grids in close proximity with the explicit purpose of cheesing the defense shield mod as the shields will “stack” to create a mega shield
  • Static Defense Layering is NOT allowed in KoTH Zones.
    • Keeping multiple grids in close proximity with the explicit purpose of cheesing the blocklimits for weapons to create uber defenses in KoTH zones.

Player Made Weapon (PMW) Rules


  • PMW Turrets are weapons connected to a parent grid through rotors, hinges, or pistons, and are controlled via script or remote control
  • More than one PMW cannot be fired manually by pilot/character at a time
  • No more than 12 fixed weapons total per PMW Turret
  • No more than 8 PMW Turrets per large grid
  • No more than 2 PMW Turrets per small grid

Missiles / Torpedos

  • PMW Missiles are disposable self-propelled impact/explosive devices controlled via script or remote control
  • PMW Missiles must not be renamed and left at small grid, or large grid
  • No Lotus style missiles
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