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Server Rules

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement are general rules which you agree to adhere to while participating in PVP on SkunkWork Servers' Space Engineer Instances. These rules are fluid and are ultimately up to staff discretion in times of confusion or disagreement.

PVP Rules - General Rules

Failure to comply by these rules can lead to resource / loot deletion, afflicted party grid restoration, and / or ban at staff discretion

Raids and Counter-Raiding

  • If you do raid players you must have a base somewhere on the server which can, theoretically, be counter-raided.
    • It is against the server rules to abuse the hangar system to hide loot/grids when you are offline
    • PvP activities are expressly forbidden in PvE sectors
      • Any attempt to evade, bypass, or work around the PvE plugin will be treated as an attempt to cheat
  • Attacking the same player and/or faction base over and over again is considered griefing.
    • If you are planning a faction base raid/fleet battle you must coordinate the attack. Consecutive attacks in quick succession are not allowed.
      • Example: Leaving the sector to get a new ship, to refit, or leaving combat for a period of time greater than 10 minutes
    • Please allow at least 8 Days in between sequential non-planetary raids to allow factions to relocate or rebuild (unless both factions agree to Total War)
  • “Cheese” Raiding tactics are not allowed. These ruin the experience for other players and yourself.
    • Abusing the re-spawn system to continuously scout planets and moons to find players. This includes NPC spawns.
    • Drilling/Tunneling to get around defenses on Asteroid/Planetary Bases. If a grid is “buried”, you must enter through the designed entries.
  • Building within 10km of another base in PVP with malicious intent (regardless to the end-goal) is against server ROE
    • Examples: Building to block hangaring, block offline protection, drain weapons of ammunition, troll, etc
  • Declarations of surrender must be accepted
    • If you declare surrender it may NOT be withdrawn once accepted
    • Once surrender is accepted you may board and loot resources but must leave the grid intact

Defense Shields

  • Shield Layering is NOT allowed.
    • Keeping multiple grids in close proximity with the explicit purpose of cheesing the defense shield mod as the shields will “stack” to create a mega shield.
  • Relocation of a station shield during a base raid (defenders or attackers) is not allowed
    • Examples are using a shield to clear debris, create a chokepoint, etc.
  • Shields being used to defend voxel embedded grids MUST be visible and target-able from the surface of said voxel
    • If you are using an underground shield, an attacker should be able to focus fire it from above. The defenders can defend this as they wish (Shunting, turrets, etc).
    • Underground shields are allowed, assuming they follow this provision.


  • Malicious Faction Actions are not allowed
    • Attacking a faction you are allied to without declaring war
    • Joining a faction to plant coordinates or to steal information
    • Broadcasting coordinates if you leave/are removed from a faction.


  • Do not purposefully create lag machines to slow down the server or to gain an advantage in combat
  • Trash talk is to be expected. Keep it respectful and non-personal
  • Intentionally glitching through voxels to scout, shoot, or otherwise gain an advantage in combat is not allowed.`
    • Examples: Setting up a spawn point that allows you to spawn under voxels, Setting up guns underneath a grid to shoot through voxels, hiding in and firing through asteroids, etc
  • Do not purposefully create grids designed to take advantage of obscure mechanics or unknown “features”. We want PVP to be balanced for everyone. This encompasses both Modded and Vanilla Blocks
  • If you are unsure, please open a ticket and ask staff.

PVP Rules - Total War

  • Total War is active when at least (2) opposing factions mutually agree to forgo the above Rules of Engagement in favor of unrestricted combat.
    • Total War can only be cancelled once representatives from all factions agree to either a truce or surrender and present such in front of Staff.
    • KoTH is considered a “Total War” zone regardless of faction war state. KoTH ROE still applies.
    • Points of Interest (POI) are considered “Total War” zones regardless of faction war state. Build/KoTH Rules still apply
      • Current “POI”
        • Mulder/Iridium Belt (50KM from center)
        • Inner Core KoTH
        • Mulder Conquest Zone

PVP Rules - KoTH/POI Specific Rules

  • Static Defense Layering is NOT allowed in KoTH Zones.
    • Keeping multiple grids in close proximity with the explicit purpose of cheesing the blocklimits for weapons to create uber defenses in KoTH zones/ Points of Interest.
  • Bait Bases are subject to the “Total War” rule
    • A “Bait Base” is a player owned base that is installed within the general render range of KoTH. The purpose of these bases are generally intended to lure PVP ships in for a Static v Non-Static Fight.
      • It is reasonably understood that bases within render range of KoTH (25KM) are high value targets and the owner/faction has every intention of being discovered.
  • Drones are NOT allowed within KoTH Zones.
    • Non-Player Controlled Grids are not allowed within the KoTH Zones.
    • The ONLY exception are small Anti-Missile Drones aka Point Defense Drones. Limit 2 per Faction in KoTH.
  • PMW Missiles/Bombs/Torpedos are NOT allowed within KoTH Zones.
    • PMW can be used elsewhere on the server, including territories.

Player Made Weapon (PMW) Rules


  • PMW Turrets are weapons connected to a parent grid through rotors, hinges, or pistons, and are controlled via script or remote control
  • More than one PMW cannot be fired manually by pilot/character at a time
  • No more than 12 fixed weapons total per PMW Turret
  • No more than 8 PMW Turrets per large grid
  • No more than 2 PMW Turrets per small grid

Missiles / Torpedoes

  • PMW Missiles are disposable self-propelled impact/explosive devices controlled via script or remote control
  • PMW Missiles must not be renamed and left at small grid, or large grid
  • PMW Missiles may not be constructed with any blocks that have inventory containers with the exception of Hydrogen Tank Fuel.
  • No Lotus style missiles
  • Limit 6 PMW missiles/torpedoes per grid/per player.
  • PMW are only allowed to be Warhead based or Kinetic based.
    • PMW are NOT allowed to utilize explosive “nuke” mechanics such as, but not limited to, component bombs, explosive ammunition containers, hydrogen tanks, etc
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