SkunkWorks 5.0

1 World, 12 Servers. A Space Engineers experience.

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Server Config

SkunkWorks 2.0

Server IP:
Modlist: Steam Workshop
Play-Style: Vanilla-Like with carefully cultivated mods

SkunkWorks Event Server

Modlist: Modlist is dependent on current event being run. See this space for the next planned Event's modlist
Play-Style: Special one-off or seriesed events run by the SkunkWorks staff. Events on the Event Server do not require any resources from any other SkunkWorks server for participation, and non-SkunkWorks regulars can join in as-able

SkunkWorks Zeta (Hardcore)

Server IP: Zeta is currently offline for retooling and re-imagining
Modlist: Modlist is currently being evaluated. Please see this space for more information at a later time
Play-Style: Hardcore Survival with a strong PvE focus.

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